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Haven't had an "exploding" Accumate happen but it has been reported on the Web. I am fixing an Atlas N-Scale truck. The cover wouldn't stay on.

#00-90 Tap and Drill

1/16" Dia Drill

1/8" Dia Drill

Flat file

#00-90 x 3/16"lg Flathead screws

The coupler cover has a lug with a hole.
Drill through the cover with the
 #00-90 tap drill.

Put the cover back on the truck. Drill through the truck with the tap drill.
#00-90 tap the truck.
1/16" Dia drill through the cover hole.
Attach the cover with a #00-90 x 3/16 lg Flathead screw.

 Didn't have one, that is a MicroTrains 1015 mounting screw.

Cut off the screw and file the screw flush.

Use the 1/8" dia drill to make a small countersink in the top of the cover.
Put the truck back together and mount on the car.
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