Have waited for Bachmann to upgrade their Old Tyme HO 4-4-0, 30 some years. Even put sound in the old one since that was on my Bucket List. That seemed to trigger something in the Force for not having got the web article on the Internet for hours Bachmann anounced the N(ew) T(tooling) 4-4-0.

After waiting for two years the NT4-4-0 arrived. The first batch had problems with quartering, oh well. The next batch ran great and the sound was good, Hoorah!

 BUT, yeah there was a but, the electrical pickup engineering was awful. Cannot believe in 2016 with a small locomotive the pickup on the tender was from 1940, the tender wheels only picked up from one side. Really Bachmann, your N-scale steam runs so well and you screwed this up.

This article will alleviate the electrical problem, so no more editorializing.

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Take a photo or write down which side of the wheelsets is picking up current in relationship to the tender body.
Open up the tender and soundboard.
Pull the pickup out and unsolder the wire.
Mark the red side by coloring the white lettering.
Drill a 3/32 hole from the top just in front of the speaker.
Made a bus using a PCB N-scale tie. The bus can be made by shim stock glued to stripwood or from .010 copper clad. There is a gap that is filled with .020 styrene stock.
Drill a hole in a piece of wood. This makes working on the truck easier.
 Using a KD #5 centering spring
#60 drill through 'bout there. 5/64 if you wanta measure.

 Bend the ears back and cut the spring off at the end of the hole.
 Bend the ears like so.
 Place the spring on the truck with end butted against the cover. Drill a tap hole into the truck and tap #00-90. Drill out wiper with a #55 drill and mount the wiper with a #00-90 screw. I use 1/4" long to make adjusting the wiper easier.

 Solder flexible wire about 5/8" long to the wipers.

Make sure you clip off the excess screw length.

 Solder the wire to the bus.
 After getting one truck done test the locomotive, mine didn't stall anywhere on my EZ-track empire with only one truck powered.
Adjust the wipers against the radius of the flange. When the wheelset is rocked back and forth the wiper should move.
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