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Kato Unitrack for Early Rail
While in one of my other endeavors using HO Kato Unitrack, it looked like the track could be used for early rail. The fine section rail and ties looked right.

Kato track is expensive but allows the track to be painted and weathered at the workbench.

The Kato geometry give us 2.362" center to center not ideal but is ok.
The Unitrack can be painted and a berm can be formed with a mixture of  Sculptamold and latex paint. Fur grass can be used to make a berm.
The Unitrack looks better than Atlas Code 83 even though the rail is the same size. Cross section does matter.
The Unitrack compares well with MicroEngineering Code 55.
Sectional track is great, in game trackplanning.
Comparing Unitrack to 1860s Central Pacific track.
The original reason I bought the Kato track was to get back to layout building in 2015. Building the Model Railroader project railroad Black River Junction looked like it would be fun. Found I was an old time railroad man so abandoned the project.

Set up the Kato track to run the new tooling Bachmann HO 4-4-0 back in 2016 and noticed that it looked like old timey track. Discounted the track because I couldn't figure out how to make the track look right. Thus ending a foray into the 1870's. Too old to spend the time fussing with code 55 track. Rubber gauging and exploring new avenues for the fun of the experience gets one to new places.

The large flanged IHC/AHM/Rivarossi/Pola 4-4-0s run fine on the Unitrack. Can't believe there was a myth that these were too large for HO 1880s. Discovered on the net that they are a match for this 1881 Baldwin drawing, thanks MR.
Some days you get a win, the cab from my Scale172 4-4-0 fits the IHC loco just fine. The U-Joints in the NWSL package fit my Mabuchi # FF-030PA 08250 motor. Sound install will be really easy compared to the Old Bachmann 4-4-0.